Prices (+5% GST)

Pre-purchase or pre-listing Inspection:
House: 0-2500 sq/ft $500

House: 2501-4000 sq/ft $550

House: 4001-5500 sq/ft $600

House: Over 5500 sq/ft contact for quote
Condo/apartment $375

Townhouse $400
Mobile/manufactured Homes: $450
Duplex-Half: $450 Both Sides: $600
Four-plex: $800


Quotations will be provided based on size and type of building.

WETT Inspection:

Single appliance: $175

Additional appliances (same location) $85 each

$85 per appliance when combined with home inspection.


Infrared Scan (thermal camera):

Included with home inspection.

As a separate service, contact for quote.


Water Testing:

Basic potability test $175

Detailed chemistry analysis $475


Material testing for Asbestos or Mould:

Contact for quote

Partial inspections: $175 + $100 per additional item requiring inspection


Payment accepted: 

Cheque, Cash, E-Transfer