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Integra Property Inspections is a private, impartial, third-party inspection company, committed to providing you with the finest home and building inspections and best information for your complex decisions.  Following is a brief description of the scope of services we provide.

Pre-Purchase or Pre-Listing Home Inspection

Reduce the risk of costly surprises before you purchase your home, you should feel comfortable with the significant decisions you are making. Our inspections will provide you with a prioritized list of deficiencies, maintenance and safety issues, delivered in a clear and easy-to-understand inspection report.  All reports include digital images, illustrations and articles for further education, plus information and recommendations for correcting any deficiencies. A home inspection will help buyers during negotiations, and can assist with acquiring financing and insurance.  For sellers, a pre-listing inspection can identify and prioritize deficiencies so that modifications can be made before potential buyers see your property.  By following the recommendations made in these reports, you can increase the value of your home, reduce the time it is on the market and avoid re-negotiations or deals collapsing during the sales process.  Home inspection reports are delivered the same day by an emailed PDF (printed hard copies are available upon request).  A typical home inspection duration is two to four hours depending on the size and age of the dwelling.  Clients are welcome to join the inspector as he goes through the home, or coordinate to come near the end for a summary and walk through. We are always available to answer questions after the inspection.  To learn more about what is and is not covered in a home inspection, view the Scope of Inspection.

Integra Sample Inspection Report
Home Service
Grey House
WETT Inspection


A Wood Energy Technology Transfer (WETT) certified inspector conducts inspections of wood burning appliances including stoves, furnaces, boilers, pellet stoves, fireplaces, fireplace inserts and chimneys.  WETT inspections are a visual examination of the appliance installation and condition, and can ensure that an appliance is safe to use and compliant for insurance purposes.  Written report and checklists provided.

To learn more about WETT Inspections, see here

Integra Property Inspections 

WETT #10559

WETT Service
Commercial Service
Commercial Building Inspection

Integra Property Inspections Ltd. inspects a variety of commercial buildings including: apartments, hotel/motel, retail, office and warehouse buildings. Whether your company is purchasing, leasing or you are a landlord (lessor), a commercial property condition assessment (PCA) can be helpful in many ways by documenting the current condition of the property at a given time. PCA's are performed to the ASTM standard 2018-15, this standard was specifically written for commercial real estate and commercial real estate transactions.  The PCA will include a document review of any available blueprints and maintenance records, a walkthrough and visual inspection of the property and building, and will include cost estimates for repair or replacement items over the $3000.00 threshold.  As part of the PCA the local building and fire departments will be contacted to check for any violations and ensure that a certificate of occupancy was issued for the building.  Reports can be customized to meet client needs but generally include; structure, roof, exterior walls, interior finishes, plumbing, heating, electrical, fire protection, yard/parking surfaces, elevators, and swimming pools.  Commercial buildings are complex and specialists or consultants will be brought in when deemed necessary to accurately assess systems or components of the building that require further evaluation.  

To learn more about what is and is not covered in a Commercial Property Inspection, view the Scope of Inspection.

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